The kinds of people who support or oppose nuclear power plants — 4 Comments

  1. Doug, We agree with you but do we trust government to make sure private industry keeps nuclear power safe? Who knows but you just be safe. Love, Mimi and Muttle

  2. I sure don’t trust the Japanese government to make sure private industry keeps nuclear power safe. And I sure don’t trust the U.S. government to do it either. So I guess the answer is, no, I don’t trust government to make sure we are kept safe.doug

  3. Risk Factor, Practically everything we do as human beings includes a risk factor. Our batting average depends on how thoroughly we consider the positives/negatives before execution. Where nuclear potential applied as a primary energy source is concerned there is too much at stake and there are too many negatives which outweigh its advantages. And those negatives are socially unacceptable. There is no such thing as a completely fail-safe system as long as the human element is a part of the operation. There are alternatives today that would provide an unlimited supply with much less risk. The big question mark is why we do not already have a world-wide energy power grid in place and already operating. And, here again, I would like to quote one of my favorite Americans who was ahead of his time: The history of manis a series of conspiracies to win from nature some advantage without paying for it. R. W. Emerson And from where I stand, the nuclear power conspiracy we are watching unfold to the north of us is fartoo costly at any price. Dave Fisher

  4. > “Basically, I think the events at Fukushima have re-awakened reasonable, open-minded people to giving the technology a “sanity check” and finding it lacking.” Yes, and in former days, this is what we would call, “closing the barn door after the horse is gone”. Dave Fisher

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