Moped fill-up, shopping report, radiation in milk and spinach and earthquakes update

My moped’s fuel was running low so I decided it would be a good time to fill up. I rode over to the neighborhood gas station and it was… strange. There was a chained barricade surrounding the station, there were two policemen in front and several official-looking people on walkie-talkies. I thought it was closed, but as I was about to pass it by they lowered the barricade for me and filled up my moped. But I noticed they were waiving other cars by. I don’t know how they were deciding who gets gas and who doesn’t.

I asked, “Why the barricades?” and the staff vaguely replied, “Just for a while, just in case. Sorry for the inconvenience.” I wonder if there was some incident there.

I then went on to the supermarket. There were still enough supplies to get food to eat, but it was more depressing than yesterday. The store was darkened and gloomy, and they were out of eggs, all mineral water and all dairy products and generally there was a lot less on the shelves than yesterday. So I suppose distribution is still disrupted.

I was watching NHK News just before and Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano announced they found raised levels of radiation in milk from Fukushima prefecture and in spinach from Ibaraki prefecture and they are talking about limiting distribution of the products from those areas.

Anyway, I still have plenty of water. There is definitely enough food to eat besides some staples. And the weather in Tokyo has warmed up greatly so I assume power consumption has gone way down.

North of Tokyo in Miyagi and the badly hit tsunami areas they are still just reaching some of the worst hit areas for the first time today!

But in Tokyo, things are basically ok. Transportation and phones are working fine and power is not being disrupted.
The number of earthquakes is down. There have been 596 quakes since last Friday, but just down to 30 yesterday. There have been 26 quakes today so far, and it’s about 5 pm on Saturday now. But I have barely felt them today. Only six were above magnitude 5 and the rest were all between magnitude 4.6 and 4.9.



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