I actually did know all this, and I know buying bottled water is just dumb. So why I do I keep doing it? I could just get a filter, if I was worried, and fill up old PET bottles with filtered tap water.

What’s weird is that I use tap water for cooking without hesitation.

How to get out of this habit? The thought of drinking tap water makes me feel a bit queasy. Why?


Water buying hint in Tokyo

My local supermarket is still very short on bottled water and is limiting purchases to one 500 mL bottle. But… the nearby 7/11 seems to have plenty of 500 mL bottles in stock for two days in a row now (no 2 L bottles though) and there is no posted purchase limit.

I didn’t want to seem like a hoarder, so I only bought 3, but if one 7/11 in Tokyo has them others might as well. And they aren’t price gouging either – it’s just the regular price.