Shizuoka tells tea retailer to conceal radiation info

Shizuoka — Shizuoka Prefecture told a Tokyo-based mail order company not to say anything on its website about excessive radioactive material being found in tea from the prefecture, the retailer said Friday.

After Radishbo-ya Co. made an inquiry to the Shizuoka Prefectural Government about the matter Monday, a prefectural official told the company not to disclose the finding due to fears the message would cause unwarranted harm to Shizuoka tea growers, adding that the prefecture would confirm the finding on its own, according to the retailer.

Radishbo-ya, for its part, sent purchasers of the tea letters informing them about the radiation and offered to recall the products.

Shizuoka is a famous tea production area.

“The official (who talked with Radishbo-ya) apparently feared that any warning issued through its website could fan public anxiety,” a prefectural official said,

The prefecture publicly said Thursday it found excessive amounts of radioactive cesium in tea leaves processed at a plant for shipment to the retailer.

The Japan Times: Saturday, June 11, 2011 ref:


Shizuoka tells tea retailer to conceal radiation info — 3 Comments

  1. Is Japanese society coming apart at the seams? Radishbo-ya Co. took the right action. Though, in order to save itself, were there any alternatives?

  2. Japanese society – or Japanese government at least – is more or less as it has always been, unfortunately.doug

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