Prediction markets strongly leaning towards Obama’s re-election — 5 Comments

  1. Doug,

    I sure hope that you are right about Obama. If Romney gets elected, my husband may lose his job. That’s what happened when Reagan was elected, and down to the minute decision to NOT to be laid off when the the first Bush was elected. We will be in big trouble with another Republican.

    The co. that Sam works for has a lot of jobs coming in, and much work. If Romney comes in, that may all go away.


  2. He works for Leigh-Hanson that bought out Material Service that was owned by the Crown family of Chicago.

    Their particular shop makes heavy duty parts and works on crushers, heavy equipment and everything in between.

    Sam specifically does Millwright duties plus keep the boiler running, drives big trucks with loads of various things, paint, keeps maintenance on everything, and does whatever they tell him to. He basically keeps the whole shop running. If he were to be laid off, there woundn’t be anybody else to take over his job.


  3. It does sound like a company that would be helped if more infrastructure investment was made in the U.S. (i.e. “nation building at home”).


  4. They do mainly work in the US, but their US office is in Chicago, their MAIN office is in Germany. They own like half of the quarrys in the US.

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