Parents fight back over raised radiation limits – The Independent — 3 Comments

  1. doug lerner, I’m probably not following the correct procedure for posterous–again. Therefore, I’ll make it short. And if this one doesn’t make it, I quit. In my childhood days, doctors treated ringworm on the back of the neck with X-rays. I doubt if they knew much about the long term effects. Later in my life after a bad case of German measles I had a very very bad case of acne. A doctor used a series of exposures to X-rays to try to cure the acne. Later, there was A doctor in the community who used a lead ring to protect the cells around a scab he burned off with X-rays on the nose. There was no confirmation of gan prior to this type of treatment. Healthy cells never returned. Ill advised approaches to managing post release of radiation is nothing new. But to see organizing at the community level for self and family protection is an encouraging sign. DGF

  2. Dave,Your message was posted and worked just fine. Interesting background info!Thanks,doug

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