Osama bin Laden’s death

There’s live streaming video of huge crowds outside the White House and in Times Square cheering the news of bin Laden’s death. I usually don’t like the mood of cheering death, but I have to admit to feeling moved by the scenes.

I am very curious now. U.S. forces killed him where he was hiding out in a mansion in the suburbs of Islamabad, Pakistan. Does this mean Pakistan had been protecting him?



Osama bin Laden’s death — 3 Comments

  1. I think it’s pretty clear that OBL was being supported and sustained by elements of the Pakistani military and intelligence communities. His compound was in an area of retired generals and intelligence officials and a block or two from one of Pak’s largest army bases.

  2. Yes. In the height of hypocrisy now, the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. is claiming they worked in close cooperation with the U.S. on the raid. Riiight.doug

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