Pao the Puppy Weight Contest – We have a winner

Pao will be one year old tomorrow, November 26, 2020. His vet is closed on Thursdays, so we had the official weigh-in today.

Here is Pao when he arrived on December 28, 2019. He weighed 1.3 kg then. I could weigh him on a food scale!

Some more photos from January, 2020. He still has (remnants of) that stuffed animal and likes tossing it around and sleeping near it.

And here Pao is this month.

And today at the vet.

These were the guesses received from December to February, in order of weight, by kg. (If this doesn’t come through well by email, please click the link to the post to see the table.)

12/27/2019Arlette Alcock4.54
12/28/2019Willow Rex6.35
1/1/2020Linden Whitfield8.60
12/28/2019Sue Boettcher9.00
12/28/2019Jess Scanlon9.50
12/31/2019Eric Selland10.00
12/27/2019Lisa Schmucki10.43
12/27/2019Howie Bernstein13.50
12/28/2019Delle Maxwell15.00
2/5/2020Dave Griffith16.00
12/28/2019Sally Gewalt19.00
12/29/2019Naoko Selland22.20
12/28/2019Katashi Ishihara35.00

Here is a graph of Pao’s weight over time. We weighed him at the vet after he became too big to weigh at home.

Today Pao weighed… (drum roll)… 24.75 kg! The vet says he should be about 23 kg, so we should cut back on food a bit.

The Doug/Pao weight ratio went under 3 for the first time and is now 2.925.

The winner of the contest is Naoko-san! Congratulations! Naoko-san, please let me know when you are coming to collect your prize. He comes with food too!

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