Google Photos vs full iCloud Photos – my review — 4 Comments

  1. 2 questions:

    1. If I have this correct, aren’t the same photos on an iPhone and iPad through automatic syncing? If iCloud uploads photos from both of these devices, aren’t there duplicates?

    2. I have been under the impression that if you delete a photo on an iPhone or iPad, it is deleted on ALL devices. Does that mean it will be deleted on my iMac and MacBook Pro, too? I need to make space on my iPhone, but I have been hesitant to delete pictures because I want to keep them on my Macs.

  2. The main question is whether under iCloud settings you have iCloud photos turned on on the devices.

    It’s not on by default. Photo stream, just the most recent still photos, is on by default.

    If you have full iCloud photos turned on on both your iPhone and iPad then they share content. And if you delete a photo from one it deletes from the other. If you also turn on for iCloud photos on your Mac it will be the same. If you delete it from one device it will delete from all.

  3. Hi Dough! Great post. I’m currently looking for cloud storage options as I’ve run out of storage on my iPhone but can’t seem to decided between paying for iCloud or using Google photos. Do you have any updated thoughts you could share (that may sway my decision one way or the other)? I have all Apple devices, but if Google photos is faster and smarter I don’t mind using that as a primary backup.

  4. Hi Karen.

    It’s been three years since that post. Since that time, Google has started charging for it’s previously free G Suite (custom domain) accounts for business. It’s letting people using that for personal use continue, but is not letting them buy more Google Drive space.

    That forced me to stop backing up all photos in Google Photos because I would lose space for my Gmail.

    Currently I am making more use of my Apple iCloud for all my photos, and also for completely synching all my devices: Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

    I no longer automatically sync all photos to Google Photos. But they remain the easiest way of sharing photos or albums. So I selectively add certain photos I want to share to my Google Photos.

    I hope this helps.

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