Pao, Sakura starting to bloom, Sky Tree along the Nakagawa

During this morning’s walk. The weather was chilly but beautiful. During the same course in the afternoon, Pao ate a snack from the hands of a two year old who thought it was funny. He’s very gentle with little kids. He also ran after a ball that a little boy kicked and they both thought it was amusing.

Pao’s curious about passersby on the road by the river sidwalk.
More sakura are blooming each morning. Maybe they’ll be in full bloom in another 10 days or so – a record early bloom for Tokyo.
Pao likes climbing the steps to decks that are along the river.
Pao looking down from the deck to the lower river sidewalk. We haven’t walked there yet.
Leaving the deck, with the Sky Tree in the distance and beautiful reflections in the river.

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