Milestone report – lost 40% of my weight! — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations. Leaving your thoughts on your blog here, are excellent for other people who need to lose weight. I like to see you becoming this role model.

  2. I originally saw a post of yours that discusses the hurdle with the Fiber internet connection you had before like 2-3 weeks ago. your blog, i havent restarted my Chorme tabs ans saw it again but this time checking what else you have written. was amazed to know that you were a heart attack survivor and went from it then until now regained back your health. Been reading all your post about your dieting and is now trying to check books and sites you did read in your journey with your diet. I tried to do all veggies when my cholesterol shoot up again and able to make it normal, almost. Right now i am determine to get back to it and redo it and journal it so i can see its effect, both in my life style and ofcourse with the cholesterol level test. i am looking forward reading more of your post especially your weight loss journey. i was advocating your post to my older brother and my best friend which are both over 100 kilos. And hoping they could reverse the effect of the years of not minding their diet.

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