Pao demanding room service

Pao does do his business outside on walks, but he also does it inside, because he has a puppy toilet. Tao naturally stopped using the puppy toilet, but Pao has not. I asked the vet about this, and also did some reading and apparently it’s not unusual. The vet said, frankly, it’s convenient. For example in the middle of the night, or in very bad weather he has a place to go. It’s not like I have a dog door where he can just go out to a garden. And he’s very good about using the toilet just in that one spot. Sometimes there might be a little bit of a miss, but it’s always right there in that corner.

It’s about time you showed up.
Pao’s double-large size puppy toilet, with absorbent sheets and mesh cover

What’s cute is that after he uses it, like here, he bangs on the door to the dining room like he’s calling for room service asking someone to come and change the sheet.

Maybe I should get him a little room service buzzer.

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