Notes on “Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It” by Gary Taubes — 10 Comments

  1. Hi, Doug, I would like to read your notes based on Gary Taubes’ book; but I have used Format/Style/Bigger 5 times, the max, and I still have to use a magnifying glass which is too straining on my eyes. So, guess I have to pass on this one. Sorry, Dave

  2. Dave,I’ll send you my notes by separate email with enlarged fonts.doug

  3. I’ve been quite successful over the last year with the Weight Watchers variation of calorie counting. That alone makes me unconvinced by the general thrust of Taubes’ arguments (haven’t read the book yet though, only reviews). I’m old enough to remember a time when obesity was rare: in my high school class of over 600 there was only one really obese kid. Try looking at an old photo of a public event like a baseball game from a few decades ago – how many fat people do you see?People didn’t eat low carb diets back then, and yet fat people were unusual. Low carb diets may be a useful weight loss tool for some people who are already overweight, but IMHO they certainly aren’t the only key to a healthy body

  4. How much protein were you taking during your 20g carb experiment? (% of calories?)Also, how long did you do the 20g carb experiment for?Thanks you.

  5. I varied my protein intake depending on recommendations from the Atkins group. Taubes himself says it doesn’t matter though, and that’s the topic of my discussion here. Some Atkins people said I was eating too much protein so upped my fat intake and lowered my protein intake to, about, 25% of calories I believe. I’d have to look up old FitDay numbers to be sure. The Atkins site is all over the place on this though. They say you can eat too much protein, too much fat and even too many calories. So there really is no consistent advice there.I tried the 20g carb experiment for at least 3 months.Honestly, it just doesn’t work. I just eat too many calories.doug

  6. A followup note here:

    After my blog post, since May of this year, I’ve lost 56 lb so far by going vegan, low fat (e.g. Ornish, Esselstyn) and have never been healthier or had more energy.

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