Netanyahu attempting to interfere with U.S. elections

OK. This makes me mad – towards Netanyahu.

Israel has had no better ally than the U.S. under the current administration. The Obama administration has provided unprecedented security support for Israel, and most Israelis realize that. Hillary Clinton is working furiously to prevent Iran from going nuclear. The Israeli defense minister and Israel’s President both came out with strong statements as recently as July praising the extremely strong ties with the U.S. and saying that Israel has never had a better friend than this administration.

But Netanyahu is a fanatic. He has a history of trying to bully Obama in public, and his new statements sound like a direct attempt to influence the U.S. elections.

American Jews – all Americans – should be furious at Netanyahu for attempting to interfere in U.S. politics like this. And I don’t blame Obama at all for not meeting with him under blatant pressure like this.

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