Monta watches the eggs — 12 Comments

  1. Doug: even though Monta was Hand- Fed, he should still have the instinct of sitting on eggs. Like Mon lays and sits on eggs. Mating comes from her liking him, so it obviously may not happen.

    The question of mating also comes into play If Monta does not like Mon. That can happen normally.

    I think that would happen by now if it was going to. Or- mating season is Oct. to May. Hopefully they will mate during this period of time!


  2. When he sings and hops she sometimes wiggles her tail quickly, but that’s as far as it goes.


  3. Could be! But they are considered pests in Hawaii and spray in some spots. Sick, right? Did you see the millions of them?

  4. Javas are all over Hawaii. They were brought there in the early ’70s to get rid of some of some bugs that was overrunning the tourist industry. The visitors did like great big cockroaches. The Javas has a field day! Eat, warm weather, breeding. What more could a Java want?

    And multiply they did! I’ve seen pictures of people feeding hundreds in the parks. They put their nests in gutters and store fronts!

    We had a big discussion on Java group on how we could get some eggs smuggled from Hawaii. No great ideas though. It’s too bad because those Hawaiian birds measure OVER 6 in tall. Wouldn’t that be great?

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