Monta gets his nails trimmed

The weather is warm and sunny, and it was time for Monta to get his nails trimmed. So we walked over to the vet. Monta was a good bird. He relaxed in the park for a bit afterwards.

Getting ready to go
Outside the front door
Checking out the newly refinished staircase.
At the vet, checking in.
Waiting to be called.
I guess that dog gets to go first…
Agh! What’s he doing?!
Relaxing on a park bench afterwards.


Monta gets his nails trimmed — 3 Comments

  1. Does Monta understand his travel cage (so cute)? Is the trouble he had with the 2mm perch change in his home cage just due to ingrained habit?

  2. He doesn’t seem to mind the little cage.

    The problem at home is that he basically can’t fly anymore. He sort of tosses himself in the air and lands somewhere randomly.

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