Reiwa, UNCC, Peggy Oberhofer, Kazuyuki Tanabe

I was having some trouble with my blog recently, and a few blog posts didn’t reach everybody.

At least this one was important, because it involved the change to the Reiwa Era, which also happened on the day of the horrific UNCC shootings – my undergrad school, in the building where my physics department was. And I also heard of the loss of a person from my days at UNCC who I liked very much – Peggy Oberhofer, the wife of Dr. Oberhofer, the department chair. And also on the same day I found out that a former student, and friend, Kazuyuki Tanabe had a stroke in Thailand where he lives.

If you got the original post then sorry for the duplicate email. If you didn’t see the post, I hope you click through and take a look. It’s just been on my mind lately:

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