Monta and Mon fighting over the nests

Monta has gotten to be quite selfish over possession of both nests. Two are in there, and for a day or so he was happy being in one while Mon was happy being in the other. So I thought the problem was solved.

But Monta seems to dislike it whenever Mon goes into one of the nests. He will enter and squabble loudly with her for about 20 seconds, until she gives up and leaves the nest.

I don’t think they physically attack each other, but Mon is always on the losing end of this battle.

Today she was clearly frustrated, really wanting to enter a nest. It’s the time of the month when she usually starts laying eggs, and I figured that’s what she wanted to do. But Monta wouldn’t have it.

So I separated them for the day. Monta is in his original cage on the right, happily swinging on his swing.

And Mon is in her cage on the left, and as you can see she just laid a new egg.

It’s really easy moving Monta over to the other cage. I open up the top of the left cage, and lift out his swing with him sitting on it, and move it over to the right cage.

Anyway, I’ll leave it like this for the day. Mon needs to relax inside her nest. Maybe I’ll put them back together again tonight, and then separate them again tomorrow.

Per cubic meter they probably have more space than I do. I don’t know why they have to squabble about it.



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