Mon lays an egg!

It must have been Mon, right?

I found it this morning at the bottom of Hao’s cage, though, and they sleep in separate cages.

I didn’t notice it yesterday. But Hao is definitely male because he sings, right?

So it must have been Mon who laid it sometime yesterday.

I don’t see how I could have overlooked it yesterday though because the cage was freshly cleaned the day before (despite appearances) and it was the first thing I noticed this morning. I guess I could have overlooked it last evening when putting them away after play time into separate cages.

I removed the egg and you can see there is a hole at the bottom (the missing part is inside the shell) and it appears to be hollow.

Neither Hao nor Mon seem interested in it and both played with me last night as usual. Yet if it is Mon’s it MUST have been laid sometime between noon, when I put Mon in Hao’s cage for company for the day, and 8 pm when I took them out to play for a few hours. doug

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