Mon has started laying eggs yet again! — 4 Comments

  1. They are beautiful but when will you be a grandfather. Tell him to get to work. Love you all and happy new year Mimi and Muttle

  2. You can’t hurry love.On the other hand, Hao is going to be 5 years old soon, so he better hurry love if he wants his line to continue.doug

  3. If only the chicken farmer knew the secret. With my poor eyesight, I thought that was a to-do list in the upper right hand cornert. With my magnifying glass, I note the bell below. Is it time to add another male? That is, if you want to extend the familty? Archibal

  4. Well, I never got Mon for breeding. I got her as a companion for Hao. So I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead (or behind).doug

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