Mon-chan just passed away

Mon-chan just passed away. When I went out earlier today she was fine. I got home a couple of hours ago and I think she was fine then. I was tired and didn’t pay much attention to tell the truth, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary with either Mon or Monta. I feel guilty now for not looking closer when I got home. Instead I went shopping and came home and had dinner.

Then I went to play with them, as usual after dinner, and saw that Mon was sitting at the bottom of the cage, which she never does. When I went to pick her up she tried to fly but couldn’t. She was jumping and trying to fly.

Then she let me pick her up and she crawled into the palm of my hand, and I brought her back to the office where she seemed to relax in my hand. But after just a bit she went into spasms, which just lasted a few seconds, and passed away. Now she is lying still in my hand as I write this with one hand.

I’m very shocked and depressed. There was no indication she was ill. In fact her lame leg seemed to get better lately.

Mon was 7 years old and had the gentlest spirit I ever saw in a bird.






Mon-chan just passed away — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Doug, I’m so sorry. 😟 I can tell by her (?) whole face that it is pale and no blood in her beak.
    Actually 5 years is average age for Javas.
    You know the only thing I think you could prolong life is to give your birds Egg Food. Kaytee would ship to you I’m sure.
    I’m so sorry about Mon Chan. You took very good care of your birds. There’s no wondering what you did or didn’t do.

  2. Doug, so very sorry for your loss. I had a great little Java when I was a teenager and enjoy the videos you post.

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