Milestone – 45% of my initial weight lost!

I love milestones, and will take almost any excuse to post one.

As of this morning, I’m down 58 kg = about 128 lb. My current weight is exactly 71 kg = 156.5 lb. That’s exactly 45% of my initial weight – gone!

My BMI is 23.5.

As I posted recently, I was stalled for a few months. But then I did an honest calorie count reassessment, adjusted for the large salads I’ve been eating (I had been way underestimating the calories, and basically that’s it. The weight is coming off again.

Instead of my salads with all the toppings as snacks, I have them 3 times a day now and snack on carrots or plain cherry tomatoes and cucumbers instead. It keeps my mouth busy when I have mindless snacking moods, is tasty, and very low calorie.

Calories count, whether you count them or not.

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