Life after Facebook (update, and photos)

I’m thinking at this point it might be hopeless to get back into Facebook. I read this report from somebody in what sounds like a similar situation, and he’s been waiting over a year to regain access. I also have not been contacted by a Facebook team member, even though I sent in confirming ID. When I access it just says my ID was received and to wait.

Right now I’m considering alternatives. But as I wrote in my previous post, it’s difficult to get people to join other places since Facebook has become such a monopoly. It’s hard enough to get people to subscribe to this blog. Please feel free to share this post and ask people to subscribe though, if they are interested in keeping in touch. People can subscribe here. You can post comments at my blog and see replies as well. And I may set up my own social network site and see who joins.

While I still have access to my Instagram account (owned by Facebook) I am loathe to use it. I just don’t trust them anymore. The same goes with WhatsApp.

In the meantime, unshared photos have been piling up, so I thought I would start showing them off!

Here are some seagulls along the Nakagawa while taking a walk with Pao. Click on the video to watch them fly.
Pre-dawn from my 3rd floor veranda.
Pao relaxing on my office floor. A first! I’m trying to get him acclimated so he can hang out more with me in here without destroying things.
Pao relaxing on a cushion (from his original bed) under the dining room table. I was thinking maybe a dog bed under there might give him an extra place to hang out comfortably.

Anyway, things are going on as usual. It’s a bit lonelier not being able to easily see what’s going on with my Facebook friends. But to be honest, letting a monopoly like Facebook take over a huge center of my life is probably not healthy.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been sharing in forums for decades – since way before Facebook. I have always loved newsgroups, bulletin board services, forums, and places like that. I will probably set up one of my own and while I won’t expect everybody to join, maybe some will.

In the meantime, I’ll keep in touch here.


Life after Facebook (update, and photos) — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Doug! I miss you! What info can I give others? I said your blog, twitter and neighbors.. but no urls.

  2. Not saving my info and I can’t see my posts… but I miss you and Pao. Left a mtpessage on DT:Loser… with

  3. Hi Willow. Feel free to give any of the URLs here. The URL to this post would be fine. Thanks!

  4. The reason you didn’t see your posts was because I needed to do a one-time “approve” to prevent spammers from posting. Going forward you should see any comments you leave immediately. I’m also cleaning up Neighbors and will try to encourage people to visit there, but you know how hard it is to get people to sign up to something different.

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