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  1. Wow! I think I’ve seen lots of more controversial stuff than what you post that hasn’t been removed/shut down. I’m upset about the tax thing you mentioned. I don’t use line, so I’m screwed? I understand also when they start releasing vaccine to us elderly folk we have to make our reservations by internet. My next door neighbor says she will help me. Maybe I can get her to help me with the tax thing also.

  2. Doug,

    What a coincidence. I was temporarily restricted on Feb. 2. What did you do?

    In my case, I had posted a picture of Putin bare-chested. But he had female breasts instead of male breasts. I included a punchline saying, “Are you sure there are no side effects from the Russian vaccine?”

    Within about 10 seconds or so, FB came back with a message that my post violated community standards and my account is restricted. Huh? It seems you can’t show female nipples.

    By restricted, all they did was ban the post and put me on notice. That was it. So, I deleted the post and photo and jumped through the hoops to undo the restriction. Now it says that if I violate community standards again, my account will be restricted.

    However, I did repost the same photo. But this time, I blacked out the nipples. No response from FB about the new post.

    I’m assuming that I’ve got one black mark against me and FB will be watching more closely than usual.

    I can email you the screenshots of what I posted as well as the responses from FB if you want.

    The weird thing is that one of FB’s messages just doesn’t make sense. “We understand that mistakes happen, so we didn’t restrict your account.” I guess what they mean is that since I deleted the original post I have learned my lesson. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I can ask someone else what they did to get back on FB after his account was disabled.

    I would like to see you back on FB. So, if you need any help, let me know.

  3. It’s a complete mystery to me. No particular post was mentioned. My current theory is that there was a question of identity theft (e.g. somebody either posing as me, or maybe a Trump cultist claiming I am not who I am to be annoying). In the review process I needed to send in some ID, so I sent them a picture of my passport and am just waiting now. My main concern is people thinking something happened to me. My other concern is that people who try to reach me regularly on Facebook Messenger cannot anymore. I will not be using Facebook Messenger again. Too risky I think. To people using that I have apparently vanished.

  4. Doug,

    Here is a how-to on how to recover a disabled Book of Face account.

    I think the main reason why I was able to get out of the restricted account mode so quickly was that I quickly deleted the “offending” photo. As soon as I did that, then suddenly Book of Face got all friendly with me.

    Still, there are bugs I think in their algorithm or the human moderators may be a little “overeager”.

    In any case, I would start on the recovery steps right away. I still think FB is good if you can keep it at arm’s length and know where the dividing line is regarding for disabling one’s account.

    — eric

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