LG Optimus Bright L-07C first impressions — 94 Comments

  1. i also got this phone from japan. i am not sure if i can use same softwares used on rooting lg optimus black. i just wondering if you succesfully rooted it? did you manage to load custom rom with this phone? if yes, it would be a great help if you share how. many thnx

  2. Hi. I have not attempted to root it yet, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there.

    I was trying not to root it because I wanted it to work as closely as possible to a customer’s device for web dev testing.


  3. 2 problems in this phone:

    – Not able to send SMS with more than 160 characters
    – Cannot do conference call

  4. Samir,

    I’m sure there are lots of problems with the phone – which is why after just 6 months it became available at low prices at auction sites.

    For me, it suited my purpose because I just needed it to check some web development and my customer was also using Android 2.x devices.

    I only use it with wi-fi. I have no phone contract.

    Another problem I’ve noticed is the battery drains rather quickly.


  5. Hi Doug
    I do not have idea on the price…this guy took BDT 22,000 = Yen 21,600 …he shipped it from Japan to Bangladesh.
    Frankly speaking there is no android phone at this price range in Bangladesh at this speed and resolution.
    So I went for it seeing it first with a friend of mine.

    Found another big problem – USSD string does not work…when I send a USSD it replies MMI code cancelled 🙁

    Any idea how to counter this ?

  6. Samir,

    Are Android phones in general very expensive in Bangladesh? I wonder why.

    I am sorry I don’t know the answer to your question though. I don’t know what USSD is!

    This isn’t really an “Android Forum” – just my blog. I was just posting about my personal impressions of the phone I got for web development.

    You are welcome to post, but I doubt if anybody who reads my blog really knows the answer to your question. 🙁


  7. RE: SMS with more than 160 characters, get GO SMS Pro. it will allow you to send longer messages. The App will divide your messages for you.

  8. Peppe – many thanks indeed. It really works great. I can now send longer SMS

  9. hello there,

    How u doin’ buddy? I bought the same device a few days ago. Sad to say though, I couldn’t download anything from google play store/ Android Market. When I tap to download the app it says “colud not be downloaded due to an error. (403)”. Do you know how this problem works out? I hope you could help me on this issue Doug. Love your blogs by the be way.

  10. Hi, Rex.

    Sorry, I haven’t had that problem. I don’t know what the error might be. Are you connected via 3G or via wi-fi? I don’t have a phone contract with any cellular provider, so just use mine over wi-fi. The only time I had a problem downloading an app was for a while with Evernote. But that turned out to be an Evernote bug and they fixed it.

    Have you been trying different apps?


  11. hello doug,

    I too have lg optimus bright l-07c(docomo)phone. now i’m in sri lanka, i can’t get calls using it, that means can’t work with sim cards, it shaows “network loked” do you know to unlock it, i bought unlock code from ebay but i don’t know to enter it to right place, to where i should enter it?

    please help me if anyone know that

    thanks,, 🙂

  12. Hi, Shamin. Unfortunately I am using my Optimus bright over wi-fi only, so have no info on getting it to work with a SIM card. DoCoMo will unlock their phones for a small fee, so you don’t have to buy unlock codes off of eBay. You can actually walk into a DoCoMo shop here in Japan and say, “Please unlock this for me.” They are the only cell phone provider in Japan to do this. Beyond that, I really don’t have any information.

  13. I am also using the same in Bangladesh.
    But a great problem is can’t use short code like check balance, mobile banking etc. If I try *778# to check balance then a msg appear “MMI code canceled”, don’t know why????
    If anybody can give me solution, it will be helpful for me.

    Thanks a lot.

  14. why is it my docomo lg optimus l07c show a no network after, but i already sent a sms message here.. what will i do? do i need ro go to settings..

  15. i also got it from japan. the problem is that my loud speaker behind the phone does not work so i have to switch off the phone and switch on for some time it work but after some hours it does not work can you help me with that and dont say u use it only for wifi cause i,need the anser

  16. I won’t say I use it only for wifi. 🙂

    But I will say I might not know the answer. It works for me. Perhaps some setting is getting reset. If you go to Settings > Sound have you gone through all the settings to make sure they are correct? In particular, did you make sure not to check Silent mode?

    Also, is the ringer volume on the left side set high enough to hear?


  17. yes every thing is fine doug but if u aslo dont know its ok its not your fault but thanks for your suggestion

  18. if a connect to a Wi fi, it connects alright but will never browse, can someone tell me why is soo

  19. I don’t know. What about other apps which require an Internet connection. And what about other wifi devices – do they work ok on your wifi network?

  20. If other apps which require an Internet connection work it must be a browser setting I am not familiar with. Can you try installing a different browser as a test?

    Anybody else have any ideas?

  21. Hi I also have the same phone and it came from japan I was able to use it for texting and making phone calls here in the Philippines only for about 4 months or so but later on it then had a problem and says no network then I can’t send texts and make calls anymore do you think it’s possible that it can be reactivated or something

  22. I also have this phone. I have the same problem with Jarel but I was only able to use the phone for 2 months for texting and making calls but later on it says no network and all my contacts on my sim card cant be seen. I cant send texts and make calls too. But the other features are okay. When I tried to go to settings>wireless&networks>mobile networks>data enabled(enable data access over mobile network)–it was grayed out. When I also tried to go to settings>locaTION&security>set up sim card lock>lock sim card has been checked eventhough I didnt change any setting. Please help me with this. I also tried to see this to a technician but he cant get the screws of the phone. pleaase helllllllllllllppppppppp..

  23. I am living in INDIA

    I got the LG 07C optimus phone but its not support internet setting for airtel and when i checking my balance through *123# its giving MMI code canceled

    Please send the internet setting and solution for MMI canceled message
    its very useful for.

    thank you

  24. to solve your problems with this phone you must root it first and load a custom rom…
    this is the only way to solve all probs…

  25. i had that problem before and that;s why im here to help you guys ,,,just leave your messages and i will do my best to help.,,,.,

    thanks dough for making this simple blog,,,,

  26. hi dheyie..what problem did u mean that u had already experienced?
    can u give the steps on how to root and load custom?or anyways to solve my problem.. thanks

  27. i haven’t use my celfone anymore. i’ve already tried everything. even the technicians had surrendered. very hopeless 🙁

  28. Sorry to hear that. 🙁 As you know, I only got mine to use over wi-fi for testing, so I’m afraid I have no solutions either.

  29. I L07c its not swicth on

    while on the screen is blank

    can suggest what is the problem

    if the problem in software please send the software link

  30. Good day!

    I cant browse website even if my wifi signal is excellent. What can I do to? hope you could help me.

    Thank you!

  31. i have display problem with my L-07c.

    its possible to get the display in India

    please advise me

    thank you

  32. when switch on the phone the screen going to white blank and every one min the screen coming white blank only

    please give the solution or any service related contact details

    i tried some service shop they told need to change display but i can’t find the display in India please send the display model its very help me to solve the issue

    i am waiting for replay

    thank you

  33. you can buy the display parts in ebay or amazon for lg optimus black ,,,

    or try to boot into recovery mode frst just to make sure that it is a display problem

  34. yes i tried both option the result is same

    can you have software for this model then i can reload and check the problem going to solve

  35. Now i tried this software

    software loading everything its fine.

    but finally its same white blank screen

    still the same problem

    i don’t know the exact problem

  36. the display model that you are looking for is just the same as the lg optimus black you can buy the display model for lg optimus black and use it on your l07c

  37. I am using L-07c in Bangladesh. I update the software and now running 2.3.3, baseband version V10e.
    I tried a lot to root the device but failed.
    Pls. help me….how to root the device.

  38. hi dheyie
    before updating to v10e from v10c, i can root/unroot with oneclickroot. But after updating it is not working. Now I will try with Flash….thanks for that. But it is for P970 model, will it work for L07c???

  39. yes give it a try there a lot of good rom for our device such as zeus and marvel. good luck to you…
    i will wait for your update’s

  40. Would u pls. let me know from where I can download ROM- zeus/marvel ?? Is there any risk to flash my cell ?
    I am novice in this matter …

  41. Hi dheyie
    After flash, I can’t call, even I press 0 on dial pad then a screen “device test” appear. what to do?

  42. try to boot into recovery mode by pressing vol down and power button

    wipe data fadtory reset
    wipe cache partition then reboot your device

  43. I tried a lot, but recovery mode not coming.
    earlier I used to vol-,G & power button but not working that also.

  44. I re flash mobile.
    After flashing i used factory re-set from Privacy.
    can’t go to reovery mode.
    Now no network found for my airtel sim.
    I can’t call/rcve, but all other options/applications are OK.
    pls. help.

  45. Dear
    I tried a lot but failed to run my L07c as P970, it looks like OK and all applications run without calling (incoming & outgoing). I can’t boot also in recovery mood.
    I think some kind of lock (Bangladesh)with my network (I am noob).

    Now again I install my original stock ‘V10d’, but I don’t like it and I can’t root also with superoneclick.
    I want to try with gingerbread, pls. let me know your opinion, thanks.

  46. yes IMEI is missing from my mobile.
    But that link is for P920/P940.
    will L07c work on it?

  47. Hello expertise
    I lost my IMEI from L07c.
    Can’t connect with any terminal program (tutty) with PC.
    Pls. help to connect…I am noob.

  48. Hi,

    this is sathishkumar again

    i bought new P970 Display and i replaced but still same problem again. display blank

    i thought this is software issuse

    can you give any solution

    thank u

  49. hi,

    this is sathishkumar again

    i changed my display

    i am not able to boot the device

    i need to load a new software if you have please give the link in LG website they don’t have a this model number in there list

    can u please help me

  50. I didn’t have any particular problems with the LG Optimus Bright. But please note that it is already quite old, and stuck at Android 2.3.3. For that reason alone I would not recommend it as a new purchase. Time has passed and if you are buying a new Android phone I believe it is time to consider a newer model!


  51. can this phone be use in internet using mobile. i mean no wifi just some regular load? i have this phone too.

  52. Yes, if you have a data plan. It’s an Android phone, so you can use it for web surfing, running apps like Facebook, etc.

  53. Hi I also have the same phone and it came from japan I was able to use it for texting and making phone calls here in the Philippines only for about 3 months or so but later on it then had a problem no network then I can’t send texts and make calls anymore do you think it’s possible that it can be reactivated or something.. can you help me?

  54. optimus bright – optimus black are just the same phone

    i have one p970(optimus black) and L-07c optimus bright

    years ago i try to dismantle this two phone and thrade each part
    including the front camera wich l-07c dont have
    but after thrading each part everything still works fine

    so the only diffrence is the camera
    board and everything has the same

    so any tutorial for optimus black will also work for our beloved phone l-07c

  55. I am facing problem…but nobody can solve it.
    From my L07c IMEI is missing while I was updating the software. IMEI show “unknown” and baseband also show “unknown”. I re-flashed stock rom but same thing appears. Now my phone became brick.

    Is there anybody to help me?

  56. I have same phone too .. and it keeps bothering me that my phone is having a ghost move ! I olready tried to factory reset it and even change the touch screen ! But it didn’t work .. what should I do ?? And how to set up the APN in dis divice ?? I hope you can help me

  57. my memory card is not coming out in the notification says that insert new memory card even though it has memory card..why is that like that??i also tried changing the memory flex/ribbon thing..but it doesn’t me..i need an answer for that..tnx..

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