Japan increases international scale of Fukushima emergency from 4 to 5

I’ve taken a break from the news today for the most part. It seemed so quiet and calm here in Tokyo, with nice sunny weather. But the problems north of here go on unabated. In addition to the humanitarian catastrophe in the wake of the tsunami-struck areas, it seems the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis is not necessarily getting better.

This article summarizes the situation:

There are similar articles in the other media, like the NY Times.

In particular, there is this quote from the article:

Japan reclassified the rating of the country’s nuclear accident Friday from Level 4 to Level 5 on a seven-level international scale.”

In the New York Times it was reported that Japan is importing 150 tons of boron from South Korea and France to mix with the cooling water, that temperatures in the reactors do not appear to have dropped, that the Japanese are worried about re-criticality in case a partial meltdown continues and that high radiation levels have been found within 18 miles of the plant.


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