I find myself feeling anti nuclear power plants

I know the arguments people like Ron Paul make like “yes it’s dangerous, but so is coal mining.” I think that sentiment misses the point though. A coal mining accident can’t impact millions of people within hundreds or more miles.

And I know we need the energy and demand is driven by people like me. I don’t know the right answer. But I feel things are out of hand with these plants.

And they are unnatural creatures economically speaking. They wouldn’t exist if not for government-granted limits on accident liability. Free marketeers should at least be in favor of getting rid of those limits and seeing if a free market truly will support nuclear power plants with the risk of full liability.



I find myself feeling anti nuclear power plants — 4 Comments

  1. Doug, we were always against nuclear power plants. We picketed against then here on long Island.

  2. Did your picketing help stop them?Anyway, after this I think it’s going to stop or severely slow down new construction.doug

  3. Doug, I have been anti-nuclear since day one. By this time, with the billions spent on nuclear power plants and oil, we could have been well on the way to having a world-wide power grid using alternative sources: sun, hydraulics, natural steam, wind. Instead, we gave our souls to the Saudis and other oil producing groups. Dave

  4. Nuclear power is very much an artificial creation that depends on government limiting liability in case of a nuclear accident. If it depended on the free market it wouldn’t exist because insurance companies would not take the risk.doug

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