It might come down to the super delegates

It might come down to the super delegates and the MI and FL delegations.

About the super delegates – Obama’s “warning” to them in unreasonable.

(1) He assumes that all Hillary’s supporters will support him but that his supporters won’t necessarily support Hillary. I say it definitely works both ways and mister “I’m a uniter, not a divider” (where have we heard that before?) should be giving a message of more unity in that regard.

(2) The super delegates are serving their intended purpose. Obama seems to imply they should fall in lockstep with the pledged delegates. In what way? Just in a way that favors him? Should Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Deval Patrick all switch their super delegate vote to Hillary because she overwhelmingly won the Massachusetts primary? And what about the popular vote? Hillary won that on Super Tuesday overall. Shouldn’t the super delegates take that into account?

It’s probably best to leave the super delegates serving the purpose they were meant to – letting them vote their own independent consciences.


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