Do conservatives even know what they stand for? — 2 Comments

  1. Nice write-up. If there has to be conservatives in this world, they should all align behind ground #1 (libertarians). At least they have an actual, succinct philosophy that can hold water to a degree. The rest have…. Hypocrites. Each of the other three believe pretty much what you accused them of, but only so far as it negatively affects others, not themselves. God forbid (“god forbid!”) that they suffer because of their own views. God forbid that they are on the short end of the stick. In all reality, I think the healthiest form of government is actually #1 with rubbings of Democracy all over it. Gov’t gets bigger because it becomes necessary in order to enforce all the contracts/laws that are in place that the other 3 camps like so much to try to subvert. If the “wickedness of man” wasn’t so prevalent, think that the libertarians would have a chance at being right about the issue. random bob, a.r.c.

  2. I sort of like “Group 1 with a reasonable social safety net”. I’m not sure where on the political spectrum that puts me, but I guess I would not be welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference.doug

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