iPads here, iPads there, iPads everywhere

I’m just sitting here wasting time obsessing over iPad options – mainly about weights.

My current iPad is an iPad 2 I’ve had for over 2 years. It has cellular but is now out of contract so I only use it over wifi.

The other day I received an iPad 4 from my good friend, Dave, who upgraded to an iPad Air. He wanted the lighter weight, plus he wanted a cellular share plan with his iPhone 5, and his iPad 4 was wifi only. He just got it in June, so it’s still under warranty!

The iPad 4 has much better specs than my iPad 2 – in particular it supports Siri, has a retina display,  a better camera, more RAM, a faster cpu and more storage space. But it weighs more than my iPad 2.

The weight of my iPad 2, with the case on, was bothering me, and I tend not to pick it up and use it so much.

Here is a comparison of weights. The first weight is “naked” with no cover or case. The 2nd is with a completely protecting case.

iPad 2       608 g     834 g
iPad 4       652 g     881 g
iPad Air   478 g     623 g

The iPad Air with no case is really, noticeably very light. With the case on though, it is actually 15 g heavier than my naked iPad 2. The case makes a big difference in weight. An iPad Air with the case is just 29 g lighter than the naked iPad 4.

The difference between the iPad Air and iPad 4 with case, however, is 258 g, which is dramatically noticeable.

The difference between my naked iPad 2 and the iPad 4 with the case on is 273 g! It actually makes my iPad 2 without the case feel light. Well, lighter anyway. :)

The naked iPads all feel pretty light. But you really do want to have some protection. I learned that after dinging a corner of my iPad 2 by lightly banging it against a wall in my house.

These are the case details I’m using for comparison:

iPad 2/4 case (polycarbonate back case + smart cover): 226 g
Polycarbonate back case: 87 g
iPad 2/4 Smartcover: 139 g

iPad Air smart case (front and back combined): 145 g

I’m wondering if I should sell my iPad 2 and the iPad 4 and get an iPad Air with a cellular shared plan.

Or since I tend not to use the iPad that much, should I just keep the new iPad 4 and maybe sell the iPad 2?  I can see if I use it more since it has better specs than my iPad 2.

On the other hand, if I take a trip to the U.S. the fact the iPad 2 has cellular might be convenient.

On the third hand, an iPad Air with cellular is universal, and supports all providers now, so it would be even easier to use during travel. And lighter. And much better than my iPad 2, and an improvement over the iPad 4.

I’m filing this under the hashtag #firstworldproblems.

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