Heading into the Democratic Convention

Obama seems much weakened as time goes by. And now there is this new Reuters/Zogby poll showing McCain again by 5 points. The Democratic nominee in a year like this should be ahead by 30 points!

Obama peaked like in March. Hillary had the momentum after that.

What also drives me crazy is that:

(1) Hillary was the clear favorite among actual registered Democrats, and this was supposed to be a Democratic party nomination. The state and party rules are bogus.

(2) She did much better in states where they actually had primaries. The caucuses are not very democratic because there are no absentee ballots, and disabled and elderly and working people on fixed shifts have a hard time getting to them.

(3) If the nomination rules were like in the Republican party (straight proportional allocation or winner-take-all (which is like the real election!)) Hillary would have won the nomination by a landslide.

As it is, the Democrats end up with a hangover and weak candidate.


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