Early predictions

I’m going to make an early prediction that barring a huge gaffe on the part of McCain that McCain wins the election. Because:

1. Obama didn’t even seriously consider Hillary for a running mate, even though she got basically the same amount of votes he did hurt, so he is further hurting party unity.

2. Obama made it even worse by going for a running mate completely inside the Washington system for over 30 years now, utterly contradicting his argument against Hillary and his whole argument for his own candidacy.

3. Obama backtracking on so many positions that nobody can believe anything he says anymore.

4. The fact that McCain and Obama are tied at this point, and that McCain is ahead in Ohio.

5. The fact that Obama really has a very thin resume, and seemed to just use one job as a way to get his next job without really accomplishing anything along the way…

All this just adds up to the Democrats having made a huge mistake this year.



Early predictions — 1 Comment

  1. I *kind of* agree. I’m not so sure he definitely WILL lose, but at this point he’ll have to fight tooth & nail for each percentage point to stay afloat.But as I’ve said before, I almost hope that if the Dems lose again in the near future, let it be this time. So that the nation sees that yes, indeed, it’s not a fluke: you vote republican, your rights do indeed get thrown away and your ‘way of life’ that you thought you were protecting is indeed getting taken away and given the the rich.might be the slap across the face the bible thumpers need. Because the DEFINITELY NEED one. Or a thousand.

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