Gary Taubes & David Ludwig – an unsatisfying, inconclusive discussion about sugars and carbs — 2 Comments

  1. Penny,

    That’s what I don’t understand either – and would love to see an explanation of it. I live in Japan and am surrounded by rail slim people who mostly eat refined grains (e.g. white rice, udon, ramen, etc.) and very little protein or fat.

    The obesity rate here is one-tenth that of the U.S. and we have about the longest lifespans in the world.

    I can’t wrap my head around the contradiction, and haven’t seen an explanation of that in the Protein Power book, or by Gary Taubes, or at the Atkins site, etc.

    And it’s not just added sugar either. Everything here has sugar in it!

    I would love to figure that out.

    Steve says:
    February 1, 2017 at 10:40 PM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Try Tim Ferriss’s slow carb approach. Bulk of the meal is an unrefined starch, and a portion of beans. I am trying soybeans now due to their higher protein content. Experiment with the actual grams of protein and your hunger. If you have access to potatoes, use these as these are highly satiating. I am exactly the same as you in terms of willing to experiment with radically differing food templates to lose and maintain a lean body AND not feel hungry all the time. I too have been counting calories (cronometer), went from healthy paleo (gained 30 pounds – but not hungry ;), to Plant-based, Whole food (zero processed) no added oils. Still to easy to over consume calories (nuts, seeds, grains, oats) or when eating HUGE salads all day – being hungry all day… [i also did many fasts even one 14 day, many super low calorie 500 per day and tons of elliptical]. I am against the long term flaws I believe are inherent in the low carb life, so I’ll stick to PBWF, with the plant based protein and potatoe satiaty mod.

  2. Sorry I cut and pasted your comment in Michael Eades website, and then I thought its better to chat with you on your site. I have about 6 months of cronometer daily data. My fat content is now more natural, only what is in whole foods. I have learned that it is so darn easy to over consume calories, regardless of food choices (paleo or plant based). My wife is Korean and she eats when she feels hungry, stops easily, and her daily calories are always about right for her body size. She only counted her calories as a favor for my curiosity.

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