Digital antenna being installed now

Analog broadcasting ended in Japan on the 24th at noon, at which time my TV started displaying a screen saying, “call this number for more info on the change.”

My landlord is having a new antenna installed even as we speak. Unlike the U.S., a new antenna is required. Probably because digital broadcasts are done over UHF here. I think they must be done over VHF in the U.S. which is why everybody’s antenna was ok. Unless everybody there just happened to also have UHF antennas.

I don’t have a TV that receives digital broadcasts (I bought my current TV in 1988). And I quit cable over a year ago to save money. So even with the new antenna I won’t be able to see TV broadcasts. Converter boxes (a digital tuner with an analog output) are theoretically for sale, but are sold out everywhere.

The city I live in is going to lend me a converter for three months until I can find one for myself.



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