Chako (what to do)

Well, Chako just came around and I gave her breakfast. I told her not to bring around her kittens!

I’m ok with feeding Chako and letting her live outside if she can take care of herself. But multiple kittens are too much to deal with. Yes, they are very cute. But they already can’t be touched. I think it will turn into a tremendous problem.

I think I have to find a way to somehow get Chako spayed. Then if she wants to hang around outside I don’t mind giving her food. But I just can’t have my place turning into “cat central.” It’s too much for everybody around here, including me.



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  1. 白い部分が多いネコは雌、雄どちらかわかりますか?
    Do you know the sex of a cat whose face is white?

  2. ママは勿論メスです。子猫は分からないですが。
    The mother, of course, is female. I don’t know about the kittens though.

  3. Do you mind if I take a look at cats? If there is any I would like to have (sorry, I can’t have them all), may I bring one back to my home?

  4. You are welcome to as many as you want. 🙂

    It’s hard to predict when they will be here though. For example, I didn’t see them yesterday. Let me ask my neighbor what she recommends. We may have to catch them!

  5. Yes, definitely…If you can, please check the sex of each cats. Personally, I prefer female, but I’m the most interested in the cat which is considerably white.

  6. The situation is bad…They might be taken to a ward office and will be killed. Could you ask your neighbour to keep that white one, at least? I will pick it up.

  7. I’m making sure they won’t be taken to the 保健所. My neighbor won’t keep them. And I have a pet 文鳥 so I can’t. I’ll contact you on your mobile if I catch them. There are actually two white ones! One was shy and hiding behind the 傘立て。

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