Chako update

I can’t stop feeding Chako. And she is almost letting me touch her. I can brush against her whiskers when giving her food and she doesn’t jump away. She is still wary of me trying to touch her body, and moves away, but doesn’t look angry and doesn’t look like she wants to bite me.

Here is the current plan.

As you might know, I cycled over the hokenjo and got a letter giving permission to have her spayed with a small payment from the city towards it.

This was not seeming practical but…

I am now in contact with a sympathetic vet at neighboring Koiwa station introduced to me by the Japan Animal something-or-the-other federation. I can’t even remember anymore, I’ve been in touch with so many of them.

Anyway, this vet has prepared a humane trap for me and for the 3 remaining kittens and I will pick them up tomorrow morning instead of watching the veep debate. It will be a nice break.

Then I will bring Chako to the vet to get spayed. She will do it inexpensively and keep her until she is ok to be released. Then I will pick her up and… I don’t know what.

One idea is to just keep her outside and feed her. I can’t let her in and I have no space to build a feral cat shelter.

But my main hope is that if she becomes touchable somebody will take her in as a pet.

As for the kittens, I don’t know exactly what to do with them. Keep them in the cages and feed them until somebody takes them? One person said they want one if it’s a female. I don’t know what their sexes are – or even if I can trap them. Lately Chako is the only one to come to my door.


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