A special weight milestone for me

Today (MyFitnessPal streak day 2,824) is an important weight loss milestone for me. But what is it?

I’ve lost 49.8 kg so far, which is almost 50 kg.

That’s 109.8 lb lost so far, which is almost 110 lb.

I’m down to 79.2 kg now, but I already reported breaking through the 80 kg barrier recently.

I weigh 174.6 lb now, which does break the 175 lb barrier, but 5 lb milestones are minor.

And I still have 3.8 kg = 8.4 lb to go to get down to a “normal BMI.”

So what makes today’s weight milestone so special to me?

The answer: As far as I can tell, from all my records and memories, today marks a record low weight in my entire adult life.

Weight loss is proceeding extremely slowly. But I’m ok with that. I’m eating healthily (whole food plant based), staying within my calorie limit, doing moderate exercise, not doing intermittent fasting, and I don’t feel deprived. I go for new quarterly blood tests on Saturday. I’ll get the results on the 20th. I’m curious how it goes because my doctor took me off of blood sugar medication in November. My blood pressure the other day at my local clinic was a great 114/60.

I think I might take up some resistance training. I need some muscles in my upper body. That should also increase my metabolism and help me lost these last few pounds.

But it’s all new territory from here on…

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