A diet milestone post

Since things are going well I felt like posting a milestone.

On WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) eating I’m now down 89.95 lb which is almost 90 lb. OK, I could probably have waited another week to announce that. But I was feeling good about seeing the scale go down so I decided to mention it.

And since recommitting last September after reading Dr. Greger’s “How Not to Diet” I’m now down 51 lb – more than 50 lb.

Oh! This is a good one! I now weigh less than the average U.S. man’s weight. The average weight (which has crept up over the years) is (wow) 197 lb! I broke through the 195 lb barrier and my weight today is 194.4 lb. The average weight for men over 60 is apparently 194.7 lb now.

Anyway, onward.

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