Had to separate Mon and Monta for a while

Mon has started laying eggs again. Unfortunately, when this happens Monta tends to be very selfish over the nest, even though there are two nests! He will throw her out of the nest while she is trying to lay eggs. This often ends in disaster, such as the egg getting thrown out and broken on the floor of the cage.

So I found it best to separate them during her egg laying period, for a week to 10 days.

That way Mon can lay her eggs, and relax in the nest as she likes. Monta’s separate cage is somewhat smaller, but he has his swing and his millet and indoor ofuro and everything he likes to play with in there.

Photo Aug 17, 7 27 53 AM Photo Aug 17, 7 28 25 AM

Michael Brown shooting in Missouri, robbery footage and the total loss of credibility for Dorian Johnson’s witness report

I’m back to square one on the whole Michael Brown shooting incident.

I feel now that I jumped to a conclusion about what really happened to Michael Brown based on what seemed like the credible witness report of his friend Dorian Johnson. I believed him.

But after seeing the convenience store robbery footage, where Johnson participated with Brown in the robbery, and after seeing Brown being so casually violent and brutish, taking advantage of his size to shove the clerk trying to stop him from stealing, I no longer believe Johnson’s statement.




What I’m saying here is that Johnson should be in jail.

And with regards to the shooting I can’t believe Johnson’s statement anymore about the chronology of events. He’s lost all credibility.

I feel I jumped to a conclusion about what happened before realizing what Brown’s character was really like and I’m not going to make any more assumptions about the shooting until more facts are in. Brown was not a good person though. That much is clear from the convenience store footage.

And what does it have to do with the shooting? Just that we know more about the nature of Johnson and Brown, that Johnson is not a reliable witness and we need to calmly wait now for a fair and complete investigation. Maybe by the Justice Department. 


Very positive development in Missouri

You should read the entire story here, and see the photos. It’s very encouraging.



Snippets from the article:


The marches in Ferguson, Missouri, are carrying on with considerably less police resistance on Thursday than on Wednesday.

Ryan Reilly at the Huffington Post noted the stark differences.

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who’s been placed in charge of security at Ferguson, even hugged and walked alongside protesters.

One protester took a selfie with St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson.

Protesters and reporters on the ground are praising the clear change in tone, brought on just a few hours after Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced the Missouri Highway Patrol would be taking over security in Ferguson.


Police in Oregon get call for chicken crossing road; cops unable to determine its intent

I’m definitely bringing this story up in the Hibiki no Kai English class on Sunday!

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police in Oregon were told there was a chicken — and it was attempting to cross the road.

In fact, the citizen who called the Portland Police Department non-emergency line on Monday evening reported that the chicken’s efforts to cross a road in a north Portland neighborhood were bringing traffic nearly to a standstill.

He assured the dispatcher he was not joking.

The dispatcher chuckled — and asked a clarifying question.

“It’s just the one chicken?”

The caller said yes.

Sgt. Pete Simpson says responding officers were unable to locate the chicken.

And so, he notes, police “were unable to determine the chicken’s intent.”