Dave’s 97 Birthday!

Yesterday was Dave’s 97th birthday, so we all got together for lunch at Sizzler’s in Shinjuku. Everybody had a great time! There were some friends Dave hadn’t seen in 20 years.

See the video! Look at the photos! Many (many) more photos available upon request.


IMG_2818 IMG_2811 IMG_2838 IMG_2829 IMG_2858

Panasonic LED lantern

I’m not usually taken in by ads so quickly, but coincidentally I had been looking for a convenient night light for next to where I sleep. I had been just using my iPhone for this, but was looking for something a little more convenient. Then yesterday I saw an ad for this new LED lantern from Panasonic. I ordered it from Amazon last night and it arrived this morning.

It’s cordless, lightweight, really cool and can be used as both a tiny portable lamp or as a flashlight with dim and bright settings. The cost, including batteries, was only around $15. On dim, the bulb lifetime is 1,000 hours (on dim, the battery lifetime is 850 hours).

It seems very convenient. Video and pictures below.