The cherry blossom watch continues…

I took another bike ride along the Nakagawa today. It was still a bit cold, but today I went without a jacket for the first time this year. After about 10 minutes of cycling I felt warm enough.

As you can see, the cherry blossoms are still not in bloom. Except, in one tree I saw some buds trying really hard to bloom, with just a peak of pink coming out. The clouds looked nice, and sort of dreamy.

I think all the action is going to take place over the next two weeks.


March21-3 March21-2 March21-1

The Israeli election

This is ridiculous. How can Netanyahu turn his back on all the agreements Israel signed over all these decades, promising to work towards a two state solution? 

He deserves to go down in blazing defeat in the election. 

I think his victory would be a security blow to Israel and a huge step backwards in a search for peace.

Overcast day along the river

It was an overcast day, but not too cold, so I took a bike ride along the Nakagawa, as I’ve been doing almost every day lately.

The cherry trees are still not in bloom, and stood stark, and somewhat lonely looking against the grey skies.

The sun in one photo, trying to shine through, made for an interesting, almost alien contrast against the mostly barren cheery tree branches.


March16-3 March16-2 March16-1