If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would not have believed it

Two years, almost to the day, since Monta came to live with Mon I believe I just witnessed, for the very first time, them actually mating!

I can’t be 100% sure (on YouTube videos I’ve seen, it only takes 3 seconds, and is confusing to figure out) but let me describe what I saw.

I heard some odd sounds from the dining room and thought maybe they were having a fight. Mon had been standing in front of the left nest where Monta was all morning, staring in.

I came in and there was a flurry of feathers and squawking, and I thought they were having a fight for the left nest. But then they both got still and Monta was clearly sitting on top of Mon. That lasted for several seconds. Afterwards Monta left the cage.

Then Mon went to the right nest and laid and egg.

Just before I returned and saw Mon in the left nest where she had laid yet another egg (two in one day is a first) and get this – she was sitting there in the left nest unmolested. Monta was not carrying out his usual tantrums trying to throw her out of the nest. That’s also a first.

Monta is currently alternating between dropping by the left nest to poke his head in quietly, and swinging on his swing, and investigating the right nest where the other egg is. But he isn’t trying to throw Mon out of the nest.


Photo Oct 18, 11 36 25 AM Photo Oct 18, 11 35 04 AM





I don’t know what the new features are (reading the Apple page to “learn more” didn’t seem to reveal too much), but I upgraded my backup iMac – not my MacBook Pro yet – to Yosemite (OS X 10.10).

The appearance of Yosemite is … ugly. Everything has been flattened out and the new Finder icon, among others, look really dumb.

I think the use of slight 3D shadow effects until now have actually been very helpful in finding things. I wonder why they got rid of them. It’s just all flattened out now. I think it’s harder to focus on and quickly find icons this way.

Also they changed the colors of a bunch of standard icons: iTunes went from blue to red; FaceTime went from a grey and dark green camera icon to completely different light green box with a white square in it (?)… It seems like just change for change sake.

I wonder what’s new except for an ugly appearance…


With every season…

There’s no denying it. It is definitely turning cold.

Little things are changing at home. I hung my blanket out in the sun the other day and started using it last night, instead of the light summer “towelket,” as they are called here.

Also, this morning I turned on the little pet heaters in Mon and Monta’s cage.

And I’m doing a laundry now, so I can have a fresh, clean, warm trainer to wear on top of my shirt.

I guess there is no denying that summer is over.

I still haven’t turned on any heaters though.