Fukushima radioactive contamination sets off alarm

From NHK

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it has detected high levels of radioactive substances in a drainage channel on the plant’s premises on Sunday. The Tokyo Electric Power Company is investigating the cause.

TEPCO says the plant’s alarm system went off around 10 AM. It showed a rise in radioactivity in the channel that leads to a nearby port.

Measurements showed that levels of beta-ray emitting substances, which are not detected under normal circumstances, had risen to up to 7,230 Becquerels per liter.

The figure is 10 times higher than when rain causes the level to rise temporarily.

The utility suspects that contaminated water in the channel may have leaked into the port.

It has suspended all operations to transfer contaminated water and closed a gate of the channel by the port.

The drainage channel used to be connected to a section of coast beyond the port. TEPCO rerouted it after a series of leaks in 2013.

The company says the water level in a tank that contains contaminated water remains unchanged, showing no signs of leakage, and drain valves that keep water from leaking near the tanks remain closed.

The utility is investigating the cause of the rise of radioactivity in the channel.

Free Amazon Prime!

Amazon customer service sure is customer friendly. A bit bumbling, but customer friendly.

Recently I did an Amazon Prime one month free trial, after which they would bill me $99.

During the trial they had a one day promo where Prime would cost just $72. Since I was in the middle of the trial I emailed and asked if I could sign up for that.

They told me they would refund the $27 difference after I was billed the $99.

When I saw I had not been refunded the $27 I emailed them yesterday and they said they would refund it within 2 business days.

Today when I logged in I saw that my Prime account had been canceled.

So I emailed them again and asked them to reinstate the Prime account.

They emailed back and apologized and said they refunded the other $72 and asked me to sign up again at $99 and then use a special link they gave me which would credit me back the $99 and thus give me one year free Amazon Prime.

A bit convoluted, but free is free.

Of course as they say in Japan ただより高いものはない。

My favorite article about Hillary Clinton

Since we are hot into the 2016 election cycle already (says Doug, while everybody else is asking, “What election?”) I again want to share my favorite New York Times article about Hillary Clinton.


I think it’s definitely worth a read. She has always been an impressive woman with a fascinating background.

A small snippet from the article:

As the nation boiled over Vietnam, civil rights and the slayings of two charismatic leaders, Ms. Rodham was completing a sweeping intellectual, political and stylistic shift. She came to Wellesley as an 18-year-old Republican, a copy of Barry Goldwater’s right-wing treatise, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” on the shelf of her freshman dorm room. She would leave as an antiwar Democrat whose public rebuke of a Republican senator in a graduation speech won her notice in Life magazine as a voice for her generation.


An investigative report on Bill O’Reilly’s war action claims

After the sorry Brian Williams affair, come this very interesting, and relevant investigative article, about Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. I recommend reading the whole thing. It’s an interesting read.

I’m curious what O’Reilly’s reply will be.


By the by, I personally know Bill O’Reilly to be a liar because I once submitted a letter to the show, which he read on the air. But instead of reading my actual letter, he edited it, leaving out parts, and re-arranged words to make my remarks look dumb and then raised skeptical eyebrows at the end.