Would Clinton supporters unite behind Obama?

I’m sure many people will unite – especially the uncommitted ones who have just been waiting for things to shake out. As for the people who have been really committed though, that’s another problem.

I myself am not sure what I will do. Obama still has to win my vote for November. Personally, I think this is a disaster and the day after Obama is nominated the Democratic Party is going to wake up with a huge hangover. They might as well drive by McCain headquarters on the way home and drop off the keys to the White House.

I’m not saying I definitely won’t vote for him if push comes to shove. But I am not inclined to vote for him right now. He has run a really underhanded campaign in my view, while pretending that all the “politics as usual” have just been coming from HIllary. His empty rhetoric and hypocrisy really turns me off.

I think CNN tonight said that 57% of Obama supporters would not be happy if Hillary was nominated and 43% of Hillary supporters would not be happy if Obama was nominated. So that is slightly a better percentage of support in Obama’s favor, but still split almost 50-50 into dissatisfied supporters. That does not bode well for either candidate.

Even if I were to end up voting for Obama, it would be half-hearted. He certainly isn’t going to get me campaigning for him or contributing money, like I have been trying to do for Hillary.

Should Obama win the nomination (which is looking likely at this point) then he has to find some way of reaching out to Hillary supporters in a way that shows he understands what we are talking about. If it is “my way or the highway”, or we all have to drink the kool-aid and start chanting “yes we can” with glassy eyes, then the election is even more doomed than I think it is right now.


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