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  1. Well it would seem the voters have decided to hear your advice and instead head the other direction!I’m on the fence on this one myself. I think both are wonderful choices, but one of the things that I liked at first about Clinton is kinda disappearing. I watched one of the early “online” debates and one of the questions was about education in America. Everyone “had a plan” to fix it, but if everyone has this magical plan, where the f*ck is it? How come nothing’s changed yet? I don’t see any proposals on the floor, you know?But Hilary was honest about it. She said she was aware that education is broken in america. She said she didn’t know quite what was needed to fix it, but that it’s something that needs to be a priority and really be looked at by people who might know what they’re talking about in regard to that debate. It was refreshing to hear “there’s a problem we need to tackle” instead of the “there’s a problem that I have a four-step plan to solve ONCE i get in office…”But now she’s sounding like everyone else in that regard…..truth be told, I think the Dems are throwing this election away. I’m neither a bigot nor a racist, but many here are (think Republicans, think south, think bible-thumpers). By dividing their votes between a WOMAN and a BLACK MAN, I think they’re really throwing any chance they have of winning right down the drain. They should have rallied behind someone “electable.” I was hoping to see John Edwards pushed into the limelight. Educated, experienced, ELECTABLE…But really, at this point I think this is an election we (democrats) can afford to lose. Look at it this way: No matter what, cheney & bush are GONE. That sad chapter of our history will be over. Anyone’s an improvement. Go McCain. Go Romney. Go anyone, really.And in some respects, I think it would be beneficial to the Dems in the long run to lose this election. There will be fallout from the 8 years of sh!tty policies of the bushies… Better to let the republicans – who for some untold reason stood behind their hideous atrocities – deal with their mess. Dems can get a clean slate and be able to say “I told you so” in 4 more.

  2. Oh, I hope for our country’s sake that somebody like Romney, who I think has no convictions at all, doesn’t win.I think Hillary has a lot of concrete, practical solutions for moving forward. Particularly in health care, which is one of the issues of big concern to me.I also contributed to Edwards this campaign cycle, but I think HIllary honestly has the maturity, conviction, experience and capability for this job. Also, more than Edwards, Hillary has actually shown a great ability to work across the aisle to achieve real results in the Senate. Edwards seems very “angry” this time.doug

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