Why I think the GOP has turned racist this year

The demography of the country is changing. Probably permanently. As a result, the GOP, which since its “southern strategy” of the 1960s has played to the white southern conservative, sees its electoral base slipping into the minority.

It scares them to death that their electoral advantage is slipping away. But instead of broadening their appeal they have veered into a starkly undemocratic, dangerous direction: voter suppression.

Everyone knows – including them – that there is negligible voter fraud in the U.S. Even their own people have bragged how the voter suppression laws (in the guise of voter ID laws, or early voting law changes designed to disenfranchise certain groups of people) are really designed to help Romney win certain key states.

This is racist.

If you think the only way you can win elections going forward is by suppressing votes among ethnic groups who are growing in numbers it’s really time to pack it in as a party History is against them.

I think their strategy is backfiring though. Courts are ruling against these laws, one by one. And the Justice Department is doing their job and trying to prevent voter suppression.

This election will be a turning point for voting rights.

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