WHO: Radiation in Japan food ‘more serious’ than thought

Just updated a few minutes ago:

Tokyo (CNN) — The detection of high levels of radioactivity in certain Japanese foods — and the nation’s subsequent clampdown on their sales — signals the food safety situation is “more serious” than originally thought, a World Health Organization official said Monday.

Peter Cordingley, the Manila-based spokesman for the WHO’s regional office for the Western Pacific, said his organization believes people in Japan “have to be cautious” about what they eat and drink.


WHO: Radiation in Japan food ‘more serious’ than thought — 2 Comments

  1. Now I am worried — Come home. If you need money let us know Love, Mimi and Muttle

  2. Thanks, Muttle and Mimi.I don’t need money, but thanks for offering. On the other hand, my deck repair on the house in St. Louis is going way over budget… (just kidding)I really am ok here. I’m being careful!Thanks!doug

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