We are Barack Obama?

What is this “we” that Obama uses all the time? I was just watching him on the most recent Meet the Press where he was using sentences like, “Look, we are running for president of the United States” and “People have the right to know what we will do as president.”

It drives me crazy to listen to. Not only is it grammatically awkward, it is just weird.

Why can’t he say “I” instead of “we”?

Is he speaking collectively? Editorially? Royally?



We are Barack Obama? — 2 Comments

  1. I think it has more to do with people’s reactions to “I” statements. “I” am running for president sounds sort of conceited, whereas “we” typically denotes a more humble stance. People like humility and humble. Even in presidents.I mean, I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but I can speak for we 🙂

  2. To me it sounded like he was saying “we” when it was something going wrong, like he was trying to avoid taking direct responsibility for it – like it was “the campaign staff” and not him.doug

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