Walter Spillum, 1928 – 2015 — 4 Comments

  1. I’m sorry that your friend passed. Sounds like a party is a good way to celebrate his life! My husband said he just wants a big party and no funeral. I guess that’s ok with me!

  2. Dear Doug.
    I so sadly read this news in my mailbox and sent my feelings for this sadly incredible news to Echo Society (Hibiki)’s website.
    I might be not good enough in English to correctly call out my feelings.
    I honestly feel empathy with his brother and his nephews.
    I feel the heaviness of responsibilities of what he advised me to do for everybody on my shoulders.
    As a blind friend of the Late Walter Spillum that I always called him Uncle Walt, I think there are some people that the world must be sorry whenever it loses them and Uncle Walt, was one of them indeed.
    Hope my folks in Japan can continue his way of welfare for people with disabilities worldwide.
    Uncle! I miss you forever.
    I wish I could see you once more and I wish I could welcome you in my country, Iran.
    The moment I said fare well to you in New York City in 21st of July, 2009 at JFK airport won’t be forgottenat all in my mind.
    I promise to do the best I can for my fellow-blind folks not only in Iran, but also worldwide.
    May God bless your lovely soul with a lot of humanitarian activities you did and may you sleep in peace after this almost long illness startd with that bad stroke.
    I will always pray for you.

  3. Dear Aliasghar,

    What a beautiful and moving message. I am sure everybody appreciates what you are saying.

    Best regards,


  4. I am deeply saddened by Walt’s passing–I learned of it only today, June 30, 2015. Quite some time ago–perhaps 15-20 years?–I met Walt in Tokyo where I was presenting a seminar on audio description, the translation of visual images to words for the benefit of people who are blind or have low vision.

    Walt was so gracious, introducing me to his work at Hibiki no Kai and helping me encourage the development of audio description in Japan. As further evidence of his commitment to service, I would see Walt every year–he would make the effort (and assume the expense!) of coming to the annual American Council of the Blind Conventions held in different cities throughout the United States.

    Walt’s passing is an enormous loss–but his life was a tremendous blessing for so many in Japan and in the United States.

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