Dancing Queen

It’s a stupid thing to get misty-eyed over.

In our Sunday classes we usually do a song and then sing it together with karaoke. Last week we did Mama Mia and somebody in the class said they really like Dancing Queen, so this Sunday we’ll do that. I was grabbing a good copy of it, and decided on this one: https://youtu.be/G8O79uP0JmM

I have to admit I wasn’t all too familiar with it, but like all ABBA songs I was aware of it, and knew the melody, because most ABBA songs are catchy.

This song was released in 1976, so I had just turned 20 years old. I was still in undergraduate school. Somehow I was never the type to go clubbing – too busy with even more meaningless things – and watching this I suddenly got teary eyed. Over a stupid ABBA song!

Like – where has everything gone? When did I have a young life? I got to feeling like life is passing by too quickly. I came to Japan almost 34 years ago. 34 years from now I almost certainly will not be here. It’s all gone in a moment. And yet, there was a time, when people played like this.

It’s an upbeat song, not serious at all. I’m genuinely surprised it caused such a reaction in me. Particularly because it wasn’t a song I listened to when I was young.

I suppose it’s because it is evocative of an time in our lives gone by. A time I feel I somehow missed. I guess younger people wouldn’t feel this way about a dumb ABBA song.

When a medical proxy opts for life

This is a good editorial, worth reading.

Maybe hospice is genuinely the caring solution for some people. But… don’t make assumptions about who is ready move on. There is plenty of time to be dead. So why not live in the meanwhile?




Walter Spillum, 1928 – 2015

Yesterday, a good friend, Walter Spillum passed away at 87 years of age. He was the founder of Hibikinokai, where I do volunteer teaching on Sundays. You can read about him in this bilingual notice we sent out to Hibikinokai members.


Instead of a funeral, we will be having a party at Hibikinokai on Sunday to remember Walt and celebrate his life.



Apple, bendgate, and materialism

I think what annoys me most about “bendgate” is the attitude of Apple fanboys at the Apple forums towards people who are expressing concern, mocking them, saying go buy something else, we won’t miss you, etc.

I myself have never thought about carrying my iPhone in my pants pocket. It always seems like it could get damaged there. I preferred to carry in my shirt pocket.

However, I’ve come to realize that the overwhelming majority of people do carry it in their pants pocket. So it does seem that Apple should have done more testing on that.

I admit that I am having second thoughts at the moment. My new iPhone 6 plus is due to arrive tomorrow, and apparently if I don’t open the package I have 9 days within to return it.

But my reason isn’t so much technological worry, as it is dislike about the whole atmosphere that has been generated.

I find instead of really looking forward to a new gadget, that I’m feeling the onset of depression.

Maybe I’m just overlooking the important things in life. Those include helping friends, helping family, getting work done, keeping your health, being kind, etc.

New gadgets aren’t anywhere on that list.

Maybe I’m feeling too materialistic. That’s probably why I never bought a TV to replace my 1988 TV that broke over last New Year’s.

Or maybe I should just lighten up and enjoy it?