The rain in Spain

A friend was visiting from Spain for the first time today. His plane arrived at Narita at 8 AM, and we met up at his hotel at around noon. He was up all night and completely jet-lagged and very confused, but I dragged him to Asakusa anyway.

I think he had a good time, but he was very very confused about the train maps. He couldn’t understand why Shin-nihonbashi station would appear on one map but wouldn’t appear on another map and so on.

As I got off at Asakusabashi to change for the Sobu line to get home I kept on telling him it’s just two more stops to Ningyocho, and then a straight line walk back to his hotel, so get off in two more stops, you understand it’s just two more stops right?

He said he understood, but kept on asking where Tokyo station was. I explained it wasn’t on the line we were on, but he wanted to know how it was all connected.

It is all connected, but it’s not easy to just explain in a few words.

I hope he made it back to his hotel…!

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