Mankai along the Nakagawa

It seems the cherry trees along the Nakagawa are in full bloom (mankai) – or pretty close to it – today!

A lot of photos, I know. But I did edit them down from over 40!

Spring is definitely here.

You can click on them to see the photos larger. The last one is a panorama, so if you click on it and then zoom in you can see a lot of detail going from left to right.

Photo Mar 30, 10 22 30 AM

Photo Mar 30, 10 31 25 AMPhoto Mar 30, 10 22 59 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 50 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 27 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 18 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 29 59 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 29 15 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 27 50 AM   Photo Mar 30, 10 33 31 AMPhoto Mar 30, 10 33 54 AM

What a difference a day makes – spring is really here

Even compared to yesterday, there are many more cherry blossoms. There is still a long ways to go to “mankai” (full bloom), but it is getting very pretty along the Nakagawa. The weather was a few degrees warmer today, so it was very comfortable during my bike ride. And look how blue the sky is!

In fact, I intended a short ride today, but it was so pleasant out I just kept on drifting along on my bicycle, feeling in pretty good spirits.

Maybe spring does that to a person after a long, cold winter?

(If you click on the photos you should be able to see them much larger.)


March27-3 March27-2 March27-1