Donald Trump calls for barring Muslims from U.S. – a shocking and un-American proposal

Trump is dangerous to a degree I didn’t fully appreciate until now. I think the fascist comparisons are no longer an exaggeration. He is inciting ugly, discriminatory feelings among his supporters which have clear historical, dangerous analogs. He needs to be completely repudiated.

From the NY Times article:

Experts on immigration law and policy expressed shock at the proposal Monday afternoon.
“This is just so antithetical to the history of the United States,” said Nancy Morawetz, a professor of clinical law at New York University School of Law, who specializes in immigration. “It’s unbelievable to have a religious test for admission into the country.”

Link to article:

The second night of Hanukkah, corrected version

The second night of Hanukkah. This is a corrected version. As was pointed out to me, my lighting of the menorah yesterday was incorrect. The candles are supposed to go from right to left, and the lighting is supposed to go from left to right. This is the approved true Jewish version.