Monta, his swing, and his eating perch

I’m sorry to say this, but Monta is sort of stupid in his old age.

I moved his swing within millimeters of his eating perch to see if he could get back-and-forth himself.

Look at the picture. His tail is hanging over his eating perch!

Yet he can’t figure out how to get back-and-forth. If he’s eating, and he is finished, and he wants to go back to his swing, he keeps making the same old gesture he always did which is sort of hopping up-and-down and looking up like he wants to go back to the swing.

So I pick him up, I move him 3 mm over to his swing, and he reassures himself that he’s on his swing, and that his bell is there, and he’s all happy and relaxed again.

He can even turn around and see the eating perch. But it doesn’t occur to him that he can just step over onto it.


At least he’s cute.

Happy 8th birthday, Monta

It was Monta’s 8th birthday today. He’s gotten quite old in bird years – somewhere in his 90s to be sure. He can really fly anymore (he can take leaps and then sort of flutter to the ground). He needs help getting from his favorite spot – his swing – to his food. But he still has a good appetite, and enjoys listening to the radio (“81.3 J-Wave….”) and had a good birthday today.

Please check out the videos below too!

A collage of Monta on his birthday.

A Happy Birthday video to start the morning.


Then a couple of cute, short videos of Monta snuggling.



Monta feasting on his birthday. Water, millet, fruits, and seeds. And healthy green vitamins. Who needs anything more?




Relaxing with Monta

He looks calm, and relaxed. But a few minutes later he decided to attempt flying again, which he really can’t do anymore. He sort of fluttered around, and landed behind the staircase and I had to get them out from behind there.

You never know these days when he will become suddenly startled and sort of jump up and land somewhere randomly.