Pao at the pet clinic today

Today I took Pao over to the pet clinic for something which turned out to be nothing. He also got his nails trimmed since he was there. He’s 3 months and 1 week old now, and weight 9.75 kg today.

It was our furthest walk together so far.

It’s uncanny how Pao can pretend to be such a good boy in front of other people. He sat in the office, he gently licked people who were sitting there waiting, he didn’t jump all over the place, he didn’t bite. Everybody he met said what a good boy he is, and so quiet! Riiight. Why can’t he act like that at home?

The doctor gave a lot of vague advice about better control of where he takes a pee. Right now he sometimes does it in the puppy toilet, sometimes in front of the toilet, sometimes in some other place, and he’s not peed outside even once yet. He waits til we get home and dashes to the puppy toilet and does it there.

The vet’s advice was that it all comes down to if he’s doing it in the right place and you see him doing it within 10 seconds praise him, if he’s doing in the wrong place and you see it within 10 seconds scold him, and if it’s more than 10 seconds don’t bother saying anything at all because he won’t know what you’re talking about.

I think after all the recommendations I’ve heard, videos I’ve seen, and books and web sites I’ve read, that sounds about right.

Pao meets a stranger

This was Pao’s 2nd walk. He just goes back-and-forth and runs in circles and doesn’t really know what he’s doing yet. But he did figure out how to go down and go up the front steps by himself.

He’s scared of cars and he’s scared of bicycles. But he loves people. He runs up to everybody. And he doesn’t bite them, he just kisses them. Watch this video as he meets a complete stranger.

After a while he goes back up the stairs into my house, I take the leash off, and then he runs for the toilet and uses the toilet inside still. He was very interested in a certain tree, but he didn’t stop to pee there or anything.

We also went outside a bit this morning, but it was raining, so we didn’t do that much. Pao did, however, learn that towels can be used for something other than tug-of-war and seemed fascinated by that. Here’s a photo of a wet puppy.

Pao’s first walk

Pao is now 3 months old, weighs 9.4 kg, got his booster shot last week and so he was ready for his first outside walk today (according to the vet)!

It was raining most of the day day, but finally the rain let up so I took him out about 5 pm.

Here’s a video (it’s 5 minutes long, so feel free to skim):

I had to carry him down the front stairs and back up again. He couldn’t figure it out, or was scared, though he has conquered the stairs inside my house now.

Mostly he’s running back-and-forth in front of the house not knowing where to go. He gets to the end of the row of houses and turns around. Then he gets near the street and gets scared and turns around. So he just runs back-and-forth. He doesn’t try to dash off anywhere. The only time I pulled on the leash was to stop him from going in between two houses.

At the end of the video two neighbors showed up and he got excited and try to run after them. They said, “how cute” but didn’t hang around.

He didn’t do anything outside, but when he got back in he made a dash for his puppy toilet and took a pee. Good boy I guess.

After that he ran a lot of crazy circles inside trying to calm down.

I think he’s excited about his new expanded world.

But I wonder how to transition from using his puppy toilet inside to always going outside. As with Tao many years ago, everything seems to be different. Tao just decided one day he wanted to go outside and never went in the house again.

I also wonder what kind of outside walk schedule I should try at first.

Pao is “very good” with the inside puppy toilet, but still not 100%. He has a few frustrating misses each day and I just sigh and clean them up and say “good boy” when he gets it right.

Here’s his current album of photos for those interested: Pao’s Corner

Pao has started sleeping with me, and it’s relaxing.

Pao is three months old now. He had his booster shot on Tuesday, and I can start taking him for walks outside any day now. He’s up to 9 kg as of today.

This past week he’s followed me up the stairs when I go to sleep, and I let him in the bedroom and he crawls into bed with me.

He seems really calm in the bedroom. He doesn’t run around and grab things or bite or anything like that. And there are no toilet accidents.

What’s cute is if I get up in the middle of the night and go downstairs to use the toilet myself, Pao will follow me down the stairs and he’ll go to his puppy toilet at the same time and take a pee there or whatever.

Then we’ll both quietly go back upstairs and he’ll get into bed with me and go back to sleep.

For some reason this seems to be less stressful for both of us. I get a good night’s sleep without worrying about him. And he’s not lonely locked up downstairs.

All in all it seems we are making better progress this way.

Pao in portrait mode